History and beaches

Ubatuba is known as “surf capital” and it is located on the extreme north of São Paulo coastline. There is 80% of preserved area by the Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar and there are more than 100 beaches and 10 paradisiac islands. The practice of extreme sports and adventures are part of the daily routine, still not mentioning the ecotourism practice from the bird observation and the unequalled gastronomy. Ubatuba was found in October 28, 1637 by the name of Vila da Exaltação da Santa Cruz de Ubatuba. Its name is from the Tupi Guarani language and means: UBA –canoe and TUBA –lots, then lots of canoes. There are 80 crystal clear water making one of the most beautiful region of the Brazilian coastline. It is searched for surfing, known as the “surf capital”, Ubatuba also provides others sports activities like: fishing, snorkelling, trekking, sailing, motocross, parachuting, skate, nautical sports, others sports, and also ecotourism practice and birds observation. Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar has 80% of its area preserved. The most known beaches at the central part are: Praia Grande, Itaguá, Vermelha do Centro, Tenório e Toninhas. South part: Lagoinha, Dura, Fortaleza, Lazaro, Domingas Dias, Sununga and Saco da Ribeira. North part: Itamambuca, Felix, Pru-mirim, Vermelha do Norte, Ubatumirim, Almada and Vila de Picinguaba. The most known islands are: Ilha do Anchieta, Ilha do Pru-mirim, Ilha das Couves, Ilha Vitória and some others. The night life in Ubatuba offers to the visitors great restaurants, bars and night.